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7 Food Trucks & Live Music Return to Campus July 20

Posted by Jim Tagye on Jul 8, 2016 11:13:08 AM

Mark your calendar to be on campus out-to-lunch-in-downtown-des-moines.png
July 20 for lunch & live music!

You and your friends are welcome to join us for our
2nd Annual Out to Lunch Event. 

Out to Lunch is produced by the Downtown Community Alliance, which is a pillar of the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

There will be something for everyone!
Mediterranean Grill
KaramsGrillFINAL-767879-edited.jpg KaramsGrillfoodFINAL.jpg
Taco Loco TacoLocotruck.jpg TacoLocoFood2.jpg
Gastro Grub
Gourmet Food
GastroGrub.jpg Gastrogrubfood.jpg
The Outside Scoop
Ice Cream
OutsideScoop.jpg OutsideScoopfood.jpg

Miss Molly's Jamaican Patty

Mollytruck-985022-edited.jpg  Mollytruckfood.jpg 

Ferinheit Pizza

FerinheitPizzaTruck-492087-edited.jpg FerinheitPizza.jpg

Formaro's Stuffed

Formarofoodtruck-615465-edited.jpg Formarofood.jpg

Enjoy live music from Plastic Apartment
while savoring the delicious fare from these amazing local business partners:

Photo credits: Tyrgyzistan, Dan T., http://roaminghunger.com/the-outside-scoop/

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