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Become a globally aware healthcare provider in Yucatan summer course!

You will use all 5 senses to explore culture, economy, geography, and history. Achieve a better understanding of complex issues impacting the health of communities. At Marista University you will learn about current research and observe health projects underway. Become a globally aware healthcare provider.

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By immersing themselves in a Mexican community, Mercy College students learn how to be better prepared, more compassionate healthcare professionals. 

Scholarships at an all-time high, thanks to donor generosity

Through the generosity of donors, Mercy College of Health Sciences has more than $490,000 in scholarship dollars to distribute in the 2015-16 school year. 

Eradicating Health Disparities on a Global Scale

Mercy College Student on an immersion trip.

Health disparities are caused by a complex interaction of genetics, behavior, social conditions, environmental influences, and health care. Considerations to eradicate health disparities on a global scale require identifying mechanisms which largely contribute to health disparities.

Faith & Healing Series provides valuable insight...and some surprises.

Most people are familiar with the saying “…in this world nothing is certain, except death and taxes.”

His team cared for 450 Cambodian patients-shared the gospel with them

I'm Aaron Hemsworth, a 2013 graduate of the Mercy College Associate of Science in Nursing program AND a current student in the Bachelor of Science in Health Science program, with aspirations of completing medical school and becoming a physician.

Medicine, power, and the care of the dying by Jeffrey Bishop, MD, PhD

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In contemporary culture, organ donation is generally viewed as a great gift, generously making possible the opportunity for someone else to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. As with most medical procedures, however, this practice raises a number of moral questions that are not easily resolved

In his provocative book, The Anticipatory Corpse, Jeffrey Bishop, MD, PhD, Director of the Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics and Tenet Chair of Health Care Ethics at Saint Louis University, confronts the ethical quandaries around organ procurement head on.