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Dr. Joe Moravec Honored for Iowa Campus Compact Mission Award

Mercy College Professor of Philosophy and Theology, Joseph Moravec, DMin. will be honored at this year’s Engaged Campus Awards Mission winner by Iowa Campus Compact. With nominations from across the state, this year’s review process was very competitive.

Healthcare Admin Students Discuss if Leaders are Born or Made?

Dr. Suzanne Crandall, program chair of the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration (BSHCA) program poses this question with students in her program.

The concept of whether leaders are born or made has been the topic of conversation for decades. In Leadership for Health Professionals, Ledlow & Coppola (2014) state“People are led and resources are managed. Knowing this critical and sometimes subtle difference is the beginning of leadership wisdom.” (p. 4) Leaderbookcover

How does someone become a leader who is able to make this important distinction and lead today’s complex healthcare organizations? Are the traits present at birth? Can they be learned through education and experience? This is a topic of discussion for students in the Mercy College Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program.

Two Mercy graduates from the HCA program agreed to share their perspectives on this question.

Kelly Ruble BSHCA'14, suggests that "a born leader may be more comfortable in certain environments. They may be more adept in planning or implementation due to innate genetic traits such as being right-or left-brain dominant. They may also have a higher level of emotional intelligence enabling them to work in high stress environments and deal with difficult personalities. Not all people are blessed with natural leadership abilities and may require the development of certain traits to be effective. This could include studying theory or different decision making processes to determine what works in their environment. If a person has a strong desire to be a leader and is presented with the opportunity, he/she can become a good leader through study and experience."

According to Jessica McAninch BSHCA'15, "some people may be born with characteristics that help them be successful leaders, whereas others are born with traits that they must work to refine in order to be successful leaders. I think I have the ability to learn what it takes to be a great leader. Knowledge, skills, and abilities are essential for a leader to be successful. These are all things that people are not born with but can learn. I believe hard work pays off and I think that is true for leadership too. In my opinion, if someone works hard, even if they are not born with the stereotypical traits of a star leader, they can make themselves into a successful leader."

View the HCA Program Brochure

So what is your opinion? Are leaders born or made?

Sr. Jude Fitzpatrick, thanks for your 9 years of service!

Think about your last major volunteer commitment, and how you reacted when it was finished. Did you plunge into something else, or take a breather and maybe allow yourself a chance to catch up on your reading list?

SrJude_FitzpatrickEither way, few of us can hope to match the exceptional example set by Sr. Jude Fitzpatrick, 73. Her story may inspire you to find even more meaning in what you do for others. When asked to join the Mercy College Board of Directors in 2006, Sr. Jude was already working full-time for the Des Moines Diocese and serving on the State Board of Education (she served from 2002-2014).

Shout out to Missy, Mercy College's Mom

For anyone who has phoned in or stepped foot on the Mercy College campus, the likelihood of your having been blessed to cross paths with Missy Chapman is very high.

With a very busy weekend of mother's day activites behind us, it's easy to return to the Mercy College community and get back into our routine. That routine for many of us is assisting students navigate the preparation of serving others in health care, in each of our respective expertise. 

Mercy Grads, Check out Pictures from Commencement!

Relive the exciting day that was your college graduation day from Mercy College of Health Sciences through a sampling of pictures in a gallery posted for you to enjoy.



Check out the Graduation Picture Gallery



Check out the Graduation Picture Gallery Presdiplomaweb

College can Access 5 Million e-Books with Hathi Trust Digital Library

Mercy College Library recently added additional titles to two of its existing eBook resources, EBSCO eBooks and Credo Reference, and added a new access point to Hathi Trust Digital Library.

Celebrating OUR 100 Great Iowa Nurses!



Dr. Shirley Beaver, Dean of the School of Nursing, at Mercy College has been selected for recognition as one of the 100 Great Iowa Nurses for 2015. This award recognizes nurses "that have made a meaningful and lasting contribution to humanity and the nursing profession." 

Read Shirley's Story ( 4-minute read )


Joining Beaver are seven alumnae of the College - see below to learn their name, academic discipline, graduation year, work place, and place of residence.

This year, 500 nominations were received for this recognition.  The nominations were first reviewed by past recipients.  Final selection is determined by representatives of the Iowa Hospital Association, Iowa Nurses Association, Iowa Nurses Foundation and The University of Iowa College of Nursing.


 Mercy College Congratulates
Our 2015 Honorees