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College Board Leaders Are Listening to Students

In response to the growing demand for health care professionals, renovation and design of the newest additions to the Mercy College campus are underway.

Mercy Court Master V5c_purpleLogo.jpg

Mercy Court Master V5b_purpleLogos-988547-edited.jpg

Mercy Medical Center -  Des Moines has entered into a non-binding Memo of Understanding with Newbury Living to redevelop a building formerly known as Mercy Court, for future use by Mercy College students for apartments.  In addition, Newbury Living is creating a 20,000 square foot building on the site for College offices and classrooms with the architectural help of Simonson & Associates. Newbury is working to have student apartments available and open the new building by fall 2017.

Her Lifelong Love of Dance Inspires Her Future

5:50 a.m.: Full speed ahead

It’s 5:50 on a Friday morning when Brett Thompson’s alarm goes off. Rather than hitting the snooze button, she springs into action with a morning routine that she has honed to perfection.