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Happy Children yield Enriched Parents

The Child Watch Center at St. Vincent de Paul was born from the realization that neighborhood parents, wanting to assimilate to Iowa, were without child care while they attended resource classes.

So, Mercy College Servant Leadership students conceptualized and created the child watch center, as well as, designed and painted educational murals for the children on the wall. (see photo of mural below)

The Spirit of the Sisters of Mercy Lives on in Healthcare


Sr Patricia Talone.jpgGet the new year started with the award-winning Mercy College Faith and Healing Series! Join us as we welcome a member of the Sisters of Mercy to speak on campus!

Sister Patricia Talone, RSM, PHD, was most recently the Vice President of Mission Services for the Catholic Health Association of the United States. She retired from that position in 2016, and is now setting about using her vast knowledge and extensive experience as a consultant, lecturer and writer on ethics, mission and formation.

As a Sister of Mercy for nearly 60 years, Sr. Talone embodies a lifetime of working in the Spirit of the Sisters of Mercy, specifically in the field of healthcare and ethics. Sr. Talone will be joining us February 9th to give the lecture A Vision For Healthcare Reform, meditating on the foundation of Healthcare in the Catholic tradition as lived through the Charism of the Sisters of Mercy.