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Bishop Pates Speaks at Faith & Healing Series on February 8

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Bishop Richard E. Pates, Bishop of the Diocese of Des Moines, will deliver a message on Pope Francis’ Vision: Building a World Community of Peace, Truth and Justice.

Lesson in Persistence and Gratitude by Dr. Jenna Davidson

Jenna&momIPR.jpgMany Iowans are familiar with detasseling, the process of pulling the tops off corn plants to achieve cross pollination. For Mercy College Assistant Professor Dr. Jenna Simpson Davidson and her mother, Jamie Christie Christensen, detasseling was an annual lesson in persistence and gratitude.Listen to Dr. Davidson's Detasseling Story

Mercy & Drake Partner to Create an Innovative 12-Month B.S.N.

Mercy College and Drake University form a 12-month accelerated partnership for Bachelor of Science in Nursing DegreeNursing Student