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New Look, Same Mission

Branding is more than a colorful new logo. We are narrating our story – reaffirming our commitment to students, embracing our rich history, and reinforcing the essential work we do in our community.

Since 1898, Mercy College of Health Sciences has been preparing graduates for service and leadership in the health care community. As the only private Catholic college in central Iowa, Mercy College prepares students for service and leadership in health care through profession-specific education so that our students enter the workforce quickly with the necessary skills to make an immediate impact.

After collecting feedback and holding focus groups with students, faculty, staff, and the public, the result is a unified image that tells the story of our mission and our role in preparing students for careers in health sciences.

Mercy College Logo

Our New Logo

Quietly sophisticated in its subtlety, this self-contained logo uses abstract shapes to create a recognizable icon that embodies the school’s holistic approach to health sciences.

The Mercy College purple flanks the logomark on either side, while the warm Mercy green symbolizes life and tradition. Reminiscent of a stained-glass window, this logo also brings to mind a set of doors in a hallway leading to more doors — in other words, it represents a wide variety of possibilities and opportunities. Embedded in the design, you’ll see the logo also contains an M for Mercy, an H for health sciences, and the Mercy cross to represent the school’s Catholic heritage.

A classic serif font adds traditional gravitas to Mercy College as an academic institution, while a sans serif font, white space and clean lines add a contemporary element, as well.

Over the next few weeks you will begin to see the new Mercy College of Health Sciences logo appear around campus and in the community. Effective June 1, 2018, the above logo will be the only Mercy College logo approved for use. Please join us in championing this exciting time for Mercy College. Additional resources and details of the new brand will follow in the days to come.

Regards from the Mercy College Marketing Team

Solving the Nursing Shortage: 5 Pathways to Become a Nurse

173F3862Our nation’s population is aging and the nursing workforce is retiring. The disparity between the need for nurses and individuals who are ready to assume those roles continues to grow daily. And yet, in communities across the country, nursing programs have been forced to reject student applications amid this dramatic nursing shortage.

For many colleges and universities, the inability to find qualified clinical sites and experienced nursing faculty has left them unable to accept students into their programs. In some states, the required student to faculty ratio in patient care settings has changed from ten, to eight, and in some states, six students per individual faculty member. This change has caused some programs to downsize the number of nursing students they accept.

Shout Out to The Class of 2018!


Congratulations to all 305 graduates of the Mercy College of Health Sciences Class of 2018, representing 12 academic disciplines from 116 cities in 11 states and 5 countries.

Friends and family from far and wide celebrated the milestones of their loved ones who are entering the next chapter of their lives.

Watch the Student Speakers Deliver their Remarks Below

Justin GillJustin Michael Gill, BSN
Before attending Mercy College of Health Sciences, Justin graduated from Drake University with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Science Education with endorsements in biology, general science, physical science, and coaching. He taught middle school science for seven years and coached middle school track and wrestling. As an educator at Saint Theresa Catholic School, Justin helped redevelop the diocesan science curriculum, initiate a kindergarten - 8th grade STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) program, organized the installment and utilization of a school garden to help offset the cost of the lunch program, and was nominated for the Iowa’s Inspirational Teacher award.