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Does Mercy College have a study abroad program?

Posted by Janet Roberts-Andersen on Jan 15, 2015 5:00:00 PM

By immersing themselves in a Mexican community, Mercy College students learn how to be better prepared, more compassionate healthcare professionals. 

“Mercy College has an obligation to position students for success nationally and internationally,” says Dr. Jeannine Matz, Dean, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS). “In order for students to become the best healthcare providers possible, they must understand different religions, cultures and lifestyles. Immersing themselves in a unfamilar culture is a proven method to accomplish that goal."

Visiting ancient Mayan ruins. Working with indigenous healers. Learning from professors at Universidad Marista. These and other experiences transfixed and transformed a group of Mercy College students, faculty and staff as they immersed themselves in the cultural fabric of the Mayans in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. The international trip capped off the Cultural Perspectives on Global Health humanities course in the School of LAS. 


Mercy College will be offering a Mayan and Latino immersion trip to the Yucatan in summer 2015 that is open to full-, part-time and guest students.

Students from other colleges and universities interested in learning about the cultural and health care delivery system found in Mexico are welcome to participate as guest students in this course.

“Students will learn to deal with being taken out of their comfort zone, and use all their communication skills—including gestures and facial expressions,” Dr. Roberts-Andersen says. “These are the types of skills they’re going to need in a healthcare career where they engage with people different from themselves.”

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