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“Even the stones will cry out…” Luke 19:40

Posted by Bo Bonner on May 12, 2016 8:47:14 AM

As the bible verse above hints at, Campus Ministry does not often attract quiet types. Assuredly some of this can be attributed to individual personalities, but an important element of this “proneness to proclamation” comes with the job. If what we say is true about the Gospel, the good news, what kind of people would we be if we did not tell of it whenever we have the chance?

Here at Mercy College, “having the chance” takes on new meaning! As a predominately commuter school, the “traditional” opportunities those in campus ministry at more residential colleges are perhaps more “lean.” But beyond this being a challenge, it is most certainly an opportunity, even a blessing, as well.

clearcreekapostles.jpgPictured above is a section of the 12 Apostles carved into the stone lintel of the Great Portal at Clear Creek Abbey, the work of Andrew Wilson Smith. Carving into the stone façade of Churches is a traditional interpretation of the idea that “even the stones will cry out” in praise of God.

Life in the workforce is hectic for most people, and in the health care industry, this is doubly so. While there are advantages to exploring one’s Faith at a leisurely pace, learning to navigate our need for an interior and spiritual life in the midst of an intense schedule—on the fly as it were—will set up our graduates with a more realistic chance to continue their Faith journey once they enter into the so called “real world.” If you get practice integrating your spiritual life while doing a thousand things at once, you are more likely to keep it up after graduation day.

Responding to this unique circumstance and blessing here at Mercy College, the Campus Ministry office hopes to give our students the opportunity to grow an internal and spiritual life in the cracks, in the fissures of their busy schedules. The truth is, we live our lives on the go, and if we wait for an “opportune time” to work on ourselves and our souls, we will never find that time.

Therefore, we at the Campus Ministry office collaborate with outside community partners to create opportunities that are accessible on your schedule, in addition to the regular times of Mass and prayer we have established throughout the week. In partnership with the social (and responsible!) group http://www.catholicbeerclub.com/blogspot/, Bo Bonner, the Director of Campus Ministry, has had the opportunity to write on a variety of topics regarding Faith and Spirituality. Here in the Diocese of Des Moines, Bo is a weekly guest on the Jon Leonetti in the Morning Show (every Wednesday at 7:05am), Listen to our very own Bo Bonnor on his weekly radio segmentwho has graciously let us archive the podcasts of these interviews here. Finally, Bo has a monthly segment (with the tongue-in-cheek name of Ruin Your Life Well!) on the Jennifer Fulwiler show that airs on the Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio, and whose podcasts can be found here.

We are constantly on the lookout for different ways to reach people when and where they are available. Whether it is our daily prayer though the campus email and intercom each morning, revitalizing former traditions like the Busy Person’s Retreat, or incorporating new ideas from our students, Campus Ministry looks forward to being there with the students and for the students, now and in the future!

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Director of Campus Ministry
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