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Happy Children yield Enriched Parents

Posted by Brianté Bagg on Jan 25, 2017 4:16:10 PM

The Child Watch Center at St. Vincent de Paul was born from the realization that neighborhood parents, wanting to assimilate to Iowa, were without child care while they attended resource classes.

So, Mercy College Servant Leadership students conceptualized and created the child watch center, as well as, designed and painted educational murals for the children on the wall. (see photo of mural below)

The Child Watch Center was already up and going by the time Emily Frohman, Samantha Freund and Hannah Dudek took the Servant Leadership course last semester. So, they thought the center could use some color and additional "built-in learning resources."

Child Watch Mural.jpg
The new mural will bring multiple educational benefits to the children who will be spending time there while their parents get the resources that are being offered. The children benefitting from this colorful resource are young children and, in many cases, refugee children learning English for the first time.

Some of the lessons taught by the murals include:

  • The tree is a great reference to teach children about the four seasons.
  • The alphabet images that start with the coordinating letter help them learn basic spelling skills.
  • The ruler on the wall, will assist with measuring physical growth as well as hone their math skills.

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