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Why it's time to Complete Your RN to BSN Online Now!

Posted by Joan McCleish, RN, PhD on Nov 6, 2014 3:00:00 PM

If you have ever considered going back to school for your BSN, now is the time! Mercy College's 100% online RN to BSN program has assisted hundreds of returning RN's reach this attainable goal. This program is open to current registered nurses who meet admissions requirements.

Like many registered nurses, upon completing nursing school and passing the NCLEX, you were ready to get to work and wanted to start earning money.

You can have PRIDE in knowing you will be joining thousands of registered nurses nationwide who will be working towards achieving their BSN to reach the recommendation outlined by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) that the number of nurses in the nation with bachelor degrees increase to 80% by 2020.

As an EXPERIENCED NURSE who has always been patient-centered and constantly looking for improved ways to benefit the outcome of your patient, you realize it's time to enhance your overall nursing delivery approach to be more comprehensive, and to do this you could use formal instruction and support that is offered through the RN to BSN program at Mercy College.

Mercy College RN to BSN

Complete your RN to BSN online, and you will have the potential to become even more patient-centered by using evidence-based practice, and building your confidence in areas of leadership and collaboration that will advance you within an evolving health care environment.

In order to meet the needs of today's patient, in addition to your fundamental nursing skills, BSN prepared nurses are competent in areas such as health care policy and financing, community and public health, and more sophisticated life-saving technology connected with systems thinking - all of which require skills in analysis and synthesis.

So, the next time you notice a coworker's ID Badge with the letters BSN on it, picture your face and name on it!

Check out the RN to BSN Program Details


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