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Lesson in Persistence and Gratitude by Dr. Jenna Davidson

Posted by Jim Tagye on Jan 7, 2018 5:26:00 PM

Jenna&momIPR.jpgMany Iowans are familiar with detasseling, the process of pulling the tops off corn plants to achieve cross pollination. For Mercy College Assistant Professor Dr. Jenna Simpson Davidson and her mother, Jamie Christie Christensen, detasseling was an annual lesson in persistence and gratitude.Listen to Dr. Davidson's Detasseling Story

Last fall, Dr. Davidson and her mom stopped by the StoryCorps booth in Des Moines to talk about the connection they see between those summers in the fields and their time in the classroom. Story Corps is a national initiative to record and collect stories of everyday people. Excerpts were selected and produced by Anna Williams and Emily Woodbury.

So, when your day looks like it couldn't tougher - Persist and you will be glad!
Happy New Year to the entire Mercy College Community!

Learn more about  Dr. Jenna Davidson's  Professional Background Story

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