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Mercy Students & Alumni, Look Here for Job Postings

Posted by Caitlyn Zimmermann on Nov 20, 2015 12:37:36 PM

Time to revisit the Mercy College Online Student and Alumni Job Board! 

Embarking on a new career or job can be scary but what can be even scarier is being stuck in a position that isn’t a good fit for an indefinite amount of time.  All of our students and alumni should take the time to become familiar with this career resource as they begin and grow in their chosen fields!  

We strive to ensure our students are prepared, not just for their first job search but for every consecutive search they may start in the future.  This job board is just one more way we can help our students keep their thumbs on the pulse of the ever-changing job market in their industry.  Located on the Mercy College website under “Student Resources” we will host current and relevant job posting within the state of Iowa. 

linked_inHowever, job searching is so much more than filling out a job application – Its networking.  The health care industry is constantly growing and building your network is a vital piece of the puzzle.  Don’t forget to recognize the connections you’ve already built during your time at Mercy. Faculty, staff, and student colleagues can all play a role in helping you land your next job!  The perfect way to maintain these valuable professional resources is to create a FREE LinkedIn account and connect with each individual you feel could be a beneficial addition to your network.

LinkedIn is unlike many other social media site available today because its sole purpose is to help industry professionals connect with one another in a more approachable mannerConnect with Mercy College’s LinkedIn page today to learn more about how this resource could drive change in your career!

Find a Job!


Is your company or organization interested in posting a job with Mercy College?
Complete the “Post a Job” form found on the upper right-hand side of the webpage and once submitted the posting could be up as soon as within one business week!  In a quick step your job post will be visible and accessible to the entire student body and alumni association of Mercy College.  Note: After 30 days or the closing date has passed, the position will be removed from our site.

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