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Mercy College Students Head to the United Nations

Posted by Jim Tagye on May 18, 2016 11:07:03 AM

Two students from Mercy College are heading to the United Nations (U.N.), New York from June 1st  through June 3rd to join an experience with the Mercy International Association, put on by the Sisters of Mercy. Jean Angel, a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) student, and Jordan Schmitt, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) student, were selected out of an interview process to join the Sisters of Mercy as they discuss the Critical Concerns of the Community, including the problem of human trafficking.

Jean_AngelUNMercyTrip.jpg Jordan_Schmitt-UNMercyTrip-1.jpg
Jean Angel Jordan Schmitt

"Mercy College has a long tradition of serving the underprivileged population in our community, and is continually seeking opportunities to promote justice in our local and global societies.”
Jean Angel, Mercy College PTA Student

The opportunity could not be more appreciated by those chosen students. “It is a privilege to be involved in this experience” says Jordan, “I'm excited for the knowledge and experience I will gain at the UN and be able to use to make a difference in our community.” For Jean, she is looking forward to sharing the information and ideas from this conference with all of you, as well as creating opportunities for all of us to take a stand against the social injustices of human trafficking in our community. With actual experience on the U.N. floor and an interior glimpse of the Sisters of Mercy advocacy office on the schedule, the three days look to be full of occasions for growth.


The Mercy International Association “seeks to change both local and global political, socioeconomic, ecological and cultural systems that cause and perpetuate poverty, climate and environmental degradation, inequality, injustice and conflict.” They are “an Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) enjoying special consultative status with Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC),” and utilize this status “to work within the structures and processes of the United Nations system.

The Sisters of Mercy graciously call students from the various Mercy institutions throughout the United States to join them every two years to join them in their work at the U.N., focusing on a theme for each session.The theme this year is Human Trafficking, and both students who were chosen demonstrated competency in the issues revolving around this critical concern, and a devotion to bringing back what they learn in New York to bear on the welfare of our local community here in Iowa. 

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