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Mercy Pre-Med Grad works toward becoming a U.S. Army Physician/Captain

Erin Gorton, Bachelor of Science in Health Science (Pre-Med) 2013 graduate, shares insight as to how and why Mercy College gave her the education she needed to take the next step in becoming a physician. "Mercy's class sizes and schedules were exactly what I needed, they fit my schedule to allow for an optimal work and family life balance."

What have you done since graduating from Mercy C
Since graduating from Mercy, I was accepted into KCUMB College of Osteopathic Medicine and have just completed my first semester with an anticipated graduation from the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program in 2018. Upon completion of my D.O program, I will be commissioned into the United States Army as a Captain.

I am enrolled in a military cohort and receiving unmatched access to military developed technology by way of a "cut-suit." The suit provides me and my classmates the ability to deal with realistic wounds on a live patient in real time.

What type of financial assistance are your receiving for medical school?
My medical school and residency training will be financed by the United States Army. I applied for and received the Health Profession Scholarship Program (HPSP). My commitment will be one year of active duty service for each year of school paid by the military. I am currently considered a 2nd Lieutenant and once I successfully graduate and begin residency, I will be a Captain. The financial package includes a monthly stipend as well as tuition and books expenses. I chose this because I feel compelled to serve but also because I do need help financing school .... and $200,000+ in student loans was just not what I wanted. 

My experience at Mercy College was amazing because ...
The faculty and staff from my program (Bachelor of Science in Health Science) at Mercy are WONDERFUL. They push you and keep in touch with you to make sure you are on the right track. They all genuinely care about how you are doing. The classes that are offered help prepare you for the next step in your journey. Mercy is a smaller school, and because of this it made my experience even better as I was able to get to know people, make friends, have study groups, and get to know my professors. There was no intimidation factor. It was a great place to learn and grow.

Before I started at Mercy, I wish someone told me ...
I wish I had known that the classes I would be taking in medical school would cover everything I did in a semester at Mercy in very short order. The medical school exams are all second order, sometimes 3rd order questions. I was told to build my study skills while at Mercy, so that when I r
eached the next level in school, I already had them, but it was hard to listen....DO IT so you aren't trying to figure out how to study when you don't have any time to get behind trying to learn how to study.

Yes, Organic, Advanced Anatomy, Immunology are hard classes....but they are all a GREAT prep for the rigors of medical school. Taking Immunology in eight days now was not impossible because I had the prep from Mercy College's Immunology class.

Dissecting an organ system in anatomy in 3 labs and taking a lab practical sometimes 2 days later is not as daunting with the foundation I got from Advanced Anatomy. Medical school lab practicals are not multiple choice....and spelling counts!

Take advantage of the Mercy faculty; listen to them regarding how much time to spend on material; use study aids -- other resources besides your textbook. Try to put all your classes' material together -- assimilate your knowledge, don't just memorize facts.

Also, remember to relax sometimes, and take a break from the books. I take Friday nights off from studying, since I study almost every other day of the week now. Spending time with my husband and daughter, Emilin (below), help me recharge for my coursework and practicals.



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