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Preparing for a career in health care.

Posted by Caitlyn Zimmermann on Oct 23, 2014 3:00:00 PM

College is not only a time to study and learn, it is also the perfect time for career preparation. Mercy College provides opportunities for clinical rotations that expose you to a wide range of experiences. These rotations, along with networking, are the perfect way to get a ahead in your career from the get go.

  • Use Clinical Rotations to Your Advantage

    “Clinical rotations are a great time to listen to and learn from experienced professionals in the field and should help students begin to develop an understanding of where they might want to look for a job upon graduation,” says academic advisor Caitlyn Zimmerman. “They are a critical time in a student’s education because rotations play an important role in the application and mastery of skills that might have only been practiced in the classroom.”

    Clinical rotations are also great time to network with experienced professionals in the healthcare sector.

    A clinical site has the opportunity to identify a student they believe would be a great addition to their team, so it is important that a student be professional in all their interactions with a site supervisor,” adds Zimmerman. 

  • Utilize LinkedIn as a Networking Tool

    As soon you become a Mercy College student and determine your field of interest you should create a FREE LinkedIn profile. Zimmerman says LinkedIn is a fantastic tool that is free and should be used by all student in the healthcare field. Not only can you showcase your skills and experience, you can connect with healthcare professionals and join groups and discussions related to your profession of interest. 

    “The adage, ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know,’ holds true and LinkedIn creates a smooth transition between college student and potential employee,” says Zimmerman.

    Note the Mercy College network that exists within the LinkedIn Community already below:


  • Practice Your Interview Skills with Mock Interviews

    Many courses at Mercy College include mock interviews as part of the curriculum. In the Student Success Center on campus, Zimmerman is willing to arrange for mock interviews for you if you wish to brush up on your interview skills. These interviews are tailored to the student, the specific field and can even be tailored for a specific job.

Students who participate in networking and career preparation while at Mercy College will set themselves up for a successful, lifelong career.  

Kick Start Your Health Care Career

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