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Shout out to Missy, Mercy College's Mom

Posted by Jim Tagye on May 12, 2015 2:30:00 PM

For anyone who has phoned in or stepped foot on the Mercy College campus, the likelihood of your having been blessed to cross paths with Missy Chapman is very high.

With a very busy weekend of mother's day activites behind us, it's easy to return to the Mercy College community and get back into our routine. That routine for many of us is assisting students navigate the preparation of serving others in health care, in each of our respective expertise. 

There is one particular person that is known by many, yet shies away from attention. It's now time to shine the light on Missy Chapman, receptionist at the College, who was once referred to as the Mercy College Mom by long-time former College librarian, Eileen Hansen.

All of us who have the pleasure of interacting with Missy on a regular basis, have become better people, because of her. Her kind thoughts and calm mom-like counsel translate into gentle actions.

When asked why she works at Mercy College,
Missy said, "I love helping people." 


Missy is the go-to-person for students, employees and visitors alike, in need of guidance. Missy is the student and employee sounding board on a regular basis. She has been a confidant and source of encouragement for hundreds of people during her time at the College.

So, the next time you reach out to Missy to ask where your classroom is, or to pick-up a package, or are simply walking by her desk, be sure to thank her, because she is an amazing mom to us all!


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