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Posted by Ryan "Bud" Marr on Jun 12, 2015 9:00:00 AM


In it's first year, the 2014/15 Mercy College Faith & Healing Speaker Series has been awarded with the Iowa Healthcare Educator Institutional Award by the Iowa Healthcare Educators, a personal membership group of the Iowa Hospital Association for developing innovative programs.

“Practicing Patients: Revisiting the Patient as Person” 

When the topic of medical ethics is broached, oftentimes what comes to mind are the difficult decisions that physicians, nurses, and other medical practitioners regularly face. And, rightfully so. These are pressing matters of great import for human flourishing, so it is vital that we have well-trained, reflective practitioners with a firm grounding in ethical theory.

Nevertheless, with this focus on the practitioner’s perspective, sometimes the distinct experiences and concerns of patients can be overlooked. Some medical ethicists have sought to redress this imbalance by casting the health care professional-patient relationship as a covenantal relationship, in which the two are partners in decision making. This reframing of the matter represents a good start, but not enough work has been done to develop this approach.

In his June 25 lecture at Mercy College of Health Sciences, Dr. Tobias Winright of St. Louis University will seek to shift the conversation in medical ethics, by addressing central topics in the field with the experiences and concerns of patients in view. Building on the little that some theologians and ethicists have written referring to the patient’s responsibilities, and drawing on his own experience as a patient, Dr. Winright will explore practices, such as those related to the virtue of patience, that patients might perform not only as health care recipients but participants in connection with illness and healing. 

The scholarly work in this field bears this out, as most of the literature in medical ethics, bioethics, and health care ethics addresses medical professionals rather than those who are ill or injured.

Tobias Winwright, PhD, who holds the Hubert Maeder Endowed Chair in the Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics and is associate professor of theological ethics in the Department of Theological Studies at St. Louis University.

Join us in the Sullivan Center – Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Iowa Lecture Hall
on the Mercy College campus from 6-7:30 p.m. on Thursday June 25, 2015

Refreshments will be served.
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Topics: Ethics in Medicine, Faith & Healing Speaker Series