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Mercy Students Making Change, Again

Mercy College Association of Nursing Students (MCANS) participated in the 2016 Iowa Association of Nursing Students (IANS) State Convention in Cedar Rapids, IA this week. Two resolutions were developed and presented by MCANS; one related to making allergy checks an additional right of drug administration and the other was to raise awareness of ineffective advance care directive use in the hospital setting. Both resolutions passed unanimously at the state convention!

Combining Knowledge with a Servant’s Heart at the United Nations

JeanJordanUnTrip-888739-edited.jpgOver the summer, Jean Angel, a Physical Therapist Assistant student, and Jordan Schmitt, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing student, were able to combine this dual emphasis on head and heart with a trip to the United Nations. Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, the Sisters allow students from the various Mercy-tradition colleges through the country to join them in a “U.N. immersion experience,” where students accompany the Sisters as they advocate for the poor and vulnerable at the U.N. in New York City, and share strategies of advocating locally that students take home with them.

Welcome to Mercy College!

Mercy College family, 
As we head back to school to start a new Fall semester and a new academic year, I would like to extend a special welcome to our new and returning students to campus.

We hope that as you embark on your academic year that you take a few moments to learn about or reflect on the College history and the mission of the Sisters of Mercy.  Their mission is the foundation of the College as we offer education in health care focused professional programs, blended on a foundation of a general education core of liberal arts and science (LAS), and mission fulfillment (our Core Values).  I hope that you grow to realize the significant role integrating LAS and mission through service learning and leadership has on your professional studies and career.

Welcome_to_Mercy_College.jpgProvost Langdon welcomes Aminazahra & Tiffany,
both of whom are Mercy College students, to the Fall semester with a few snacks.

Mercy College Students Head to the United Nations

Two students from Mercy College are heading to the United Nations (U.N.), New York from June 1st  through June 3rd to join an experience with the Mercy International Association, put on by the Sisters of Mercy. Jean Angel, a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) student, and Jordan Schmitt, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) student, were selected out of an interview process to join the Sisters of Mercy as they discuss the Critical Concerns of the Community, including the problem of human trafficking.

Principles of Physics Displayed via Coffee & Childbirth

Mercy College students representing a wide range of disciplines presented their research and findings derived from concepts rooted in their chemistry and physics courses during the Spring 2016 Student Academic Showcase on Friday April 22. 

Check out the Full Photo Gallery Here

College Board Leaders Are Listening to Students

In response to the growing demand for health care professionals, renovation and design of the newest additions to the Mercy College campus are underway.

Mercy Court Master V5c_purpleLogo.jpg

Mercy Court Master V5b_purpleLogos-988547-edited.jpg

Mercy Medical Center -  Des Moines has entered into a non-binding Memo of Understanding with Newbury Living to redevelop a building formerly known as Mercy Court, for future use by Mercy College students for apartments.  In addition, Newbury Living is creating a 20,000 square foot building on the site for College offices and classrooms with the architectural help of Simonson & Associates. Newbury is working to have student apartments available and open the new building by fall 2017.