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“Even the stones will cry out…” Luke 19:40

As the bible verse above hints at, Campus Ministry does not often attract quiet types. Assuredly some of this can be attributed to individual personalities, but an important element of this “proneness to proclamation” comes with the job. If what we say is true about the Gospel, the good news, what kind of people would we be if we did not tell of it whenever we have the chance?

Here at Mercy College, “having the chance” takes on new meaning! As a predominately commuter school, the “traditional” opportunities those in campus ministry at more residential colleges are perhaps more “lean.” But beyond this being a challenge, it is most certainly an opportunity, even a blessing, as well.

To be “the newbie” is always an interesting lesson in paradox.

To the one starting, everything is a new adventure, with a “point zero” in which everything begins anew. For me, January 6th, 2016 will always be the day I started at Mercy College. Everything will be measured from that day going onward, a new life sprouting from a definitive point.


And yet, Mercy has not started anew just because I happened to pass through the doors. It is this thing, this 100+ year old thing, which has lived longer than any of us. It has multiple contours that each face points to, whether the face is walking through the halls or adorning the walls. How will my start join this life that’s heart has already been beating through many decades? How will the vision of “the veterans,” who have “seen it all,” match up with my eyes that see all things in a newborn glow?