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6 Colleges and Universities form Iowa Catholic Collegiate Association

The six Catholic colleges in Iowa have formed the Iowa Catholic Collegiate Association to collaborate and identify innovative strategies to collectively respond to the dynamic higher education environment which exists today.

Students have alleged that faculty conspire with each other

In General Psychology, a student learns about how the human brain functions, only to have that same information applied in Pathophysiology. Logical fallacies learned in English Composition are used to debunk the rationale justifying some corrupt behavior in a debate in Bioethics or Critical Thinking.

The large biological molecules discussed in General Biology and Biochemistry are the very same energy sources at play in Applied Nutrition. Even worse, this “conspiracy” persists into the professional programs and careers. Information gained in Sociology helps students to understand how societal factors can MartiSueClose.jpgimpact health behaviors. The skills learned in Math for General Studies or College Algebra are essential for accurately performing drug calculations and safely administering the correct dosage, while the principles of Servant Leadership establish and/or cement the foundation of an empathic healthcare provider with a commitment to lifelong learning. Well, here’s the truth – there is no conspiracy. There is, however, a natural integration of knowledge among seemingly diverse disciplines, as well as between the liberal arts and sciences as a whole and professional program education.