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Students have alleged that faculty conspire with each other

In General Psychology, a student learns about how the human brain functions, only to have that same information applied in Pathophysiology. Logical fallacies learned in English Composition are used to debunk the rationale justifying some corrupt behavior in a debate in Bioethics or Critical Thinking.

The large biological molecules discussed in General Biology and Biochemistry are the very same energy sources at play in Applied Nutrition. Even worse, this “conspiracy” persists into the professional programs and careers. Information gained in Sociology helps students to understand how societal factors can MartiSueClose.jpgimpact health behaviors. The skills learned in Math for General Studies or College Algebra are essential for accurately performing drug calculations and safely administering the correct dosage, while the principles of Servant Leadership establish and/or cement the foundation of an empathic healthcare provider with a commitment to lifelong learning. Well, here’s the truth – there is no conspiracy. There is, however, a natural integration of knowledge among seemingly diverse disciplines, as well as between the liberal arts and sciences as a whole and professional program education.

Mercy Students Tie and Deliver Blankets to Des Moines Homeless

In February, Mercy College students, staff, and faculty came together to tie fleece blankets for donation to the homeless who are served by Joppa Outreach’s Winter Heat Team.

Married Mercy College Veteran Couple is Grateful

KoriHarakulKori and Ryan Harakel are expecting a baby boy—their first child, to be named Gabriel—in late August or early September, and she is already gaining valuable experience while working as a secretary on a maternity floor on the weekends.  

Mercy Grads, Check out Pictures from Commencement!

Relive the exciting day that was your college graduation day from Mercy College of Health Sciences through a sampling of pictures in a gallery posted for you to enjoy.



Check out the Graduation Picture Gallery



Check out the Graduation Picture Gallery Presdiplomaweb

Celebrating OUR 100 Great Iowa Nurses!



Dr. Shirley Beaver, Dean of the School of Nursing, at Mercy College has been selected for recognition as one of the 100 Great Iowa Nurses for 2015. This award recognizes nurses "that have made a meaningful and lasting contribution to humanity and the nursing profession." 

Read Shirley's Story ( 4-minute read )


Joining Beaver are seven alumnae of the College - see below to learn their name, academic discipline, graduation year, work place, and place of residence.

This year, 500 nominations were received for this recognition.  The nominations were first reviewed by past recipients.  Final selection is determined by representatives of the Iowa Hospital Association, Iowa Nurses Association, Iowa Nurses Foundation and The University of Iowa College of Nursing.


 Mercy College Congratulates
Our 2015 Honorees


Eradicating Health Disparities on a Global Scale

Mercy College Student on an immersion trip.

Health disparities are caused by a complex interaction of genetics, behavior, social conditions, environmental influences, and health care. Considerations to eradicate health disparities on a global scale require identifying mechanisms which largely contribute to health disparities.