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Our Food Pantry - Take What You Need, Leave What You Can


Some Mercy College studentsmost of whom already receive financial aidstill don't have enough resources to eat every week.

In an unassuming space, within a small private college, in the middle of downtown Des Moines, a community is showing just how much they care.  

Join us on One Sister’s Journey into the Jungle

When Sr. Karen Schneider decided to join religious life, she thought she was giving up her dream of becoming a doctor ...Who knew that a religious sister could also be a physician?

When Sr. Karen told her mother that she was going to medical school, even her mother asked, “Oh, so you are leaving the nuns?” While in medical school, an experience in the jungle of Guyana, South America, completely changed Sr. Karen’s career path in medicine. Since that initial experience, over twenty years ago, she has taken part in at least one international, medical missions trip every year.

Dr. Joe Moravec Honored for Iowa Campus Compact Mission Award

Mercy College Professor of Philosophy and Theology, Joseph Moravec, DMin. will be honored at this year’s Engaged Campus Awards Mission winner by Iowa Campus Compact. With nominations from across the state, this year’s review process was very competitive.