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His team cared for 450 Cambodian patients-shared the gospel with them

I'm Aaron Hemsworth, a 2013 graduate of the Mercy College Associate of Science in Nursing program AND a current student in the Bachelor of Science in Health Science program, with aspirations of completing medical school and becoming a physician.

Eating Pancakes Offsets Financial Burden for Students

Like most weekends, you wake up hungry for pancakes Saturday morning. Your options are make a mess at your place or, better yet, eat your fill of pancakes made by someone else.


After breakfast, 
you will feel amazing, knowing that your efforts assisted 
Mercy College students raise money for their College Alternative Spring Break to Appalachia, Kentucky to serve under served populations.

Sisters of Mercy Institute Justice Team Leader to visit Des Moines

One of the best parts of my job as justice education coordinator for the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas is visiting the campuses of colleges and universities and engaging with students, faculty and staff around issues that we all are passionate about. So I’m thrilled with the opportunity to be part of the Mercy College of Health Sciences’ Faith & Healing speaker series next week.

There’s so much I want to share with the Mercy college community, beginning with an overview of the Sisters of Mercy’s commitment to serving persons who are poor and vulnerable. That’s manifested in so many ways, from founding homeless shelters, food pantries and other social service ministries around the country to speaking out against budget cuts to these very programs and in support of increases in the minimum wage to give parents the dignity of being able to care for their children through their own hard work.

Happy New Year 2015: The Gift of the Spirit

Dear Friends of Mercy College of Health Sciences:

Practicing Servant Leadership

Mercy College was founded by the Sisters of Mercy, a religious order of Catholic nuns. This fact is not simply a part of our past, but has significant implications for how we operate in the present.

One way this heritage impacts our community is that we focus on forming the whole person, not merely the intellect. So, for instance, every student who goes through the school will take a course in servant leadership, which will focus on cultivating leadership practices for future service in one’s chosen career field. Servant leadership is a popular buzz-phrase in academic circles. To Mercy College, it means that our community is committed to forming future leaders who have a genuine dedication to serving others.